Environmental green events

Proudly green events

The Colour Blast colour powder and foam/bubbles are 100% non-toxic to humans, animals and mother nature.

Our coloured powder is made from maise/corn starch, and our bubbles are not dishwashing liquid, unlike what people think. 100% safe and 100% non-toxic means that we’re proudly hosting green events.

For more information and material safety data sheets, please see our website.




We are set to release our biodegradable sunglasses made from renewable wheat fibre to help reduce our plastic usage.

We are also working on replacing all our plastic packaging with paper packaging and working on new ways to package our coloured powder too!


By the end of 2022, Fundraise for Schools and Clubs will be partnering with ECOLOGI to power our Plant with Passion Program

Our Plant with Passion Program will enable donors, fundraisers, schools, and clubs the option to plant a tree upon registration or donation. Should they choose, we will also be able to offer schools and clubs our Plant with Passion Program as their sole fundraising purpose.

Tree planting is recognised as one of the most engaging, environmentally friendly activities that people can take part in to better our planet.

Trees provide many sustainable benefits for our planet and everything that inhabits it. The benefits of trees extend beyond their beauty.

Trees planted today will offer social, environmental, and economic benefits for years to come. Trees are an indispensable, natural asset to every one of us.

Fundraise for Schools and Clubs look forward to launching this initiative in the near future.