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Colour Blast Fun Run Fundraisers

There’s no doubt that school and club funding is getting harder and harder, so we’ve unleashed our fundraising programs, Australia-wide.

Australian schools and clubs, even in the most remote of locations, now have a way of engaging in a blast of colourful happiness and have the opportunity to raise thousands $$.

A Colour Blast fun run event is a great alternative to raise funds while bringing happiness and laughter to all involved.

We provide first-class school and club fundraising programs that will spark the encouragement of physical activity, all while building school and club community and camaraderie amongst members, students, and staff. Not to mention, you’ll be empowering little entrepreneurs to go out and hustle to raise funds with the bonus of winning prizes and rewards.

Imagine the future you can create in your school or club with additional resources purchased with the funding from this event.



Colour Blast offers two amazing fun-run programs to schools and clubs.

DIY Colour Blast Event – Do it your way! Set up your very own Colour Blast event day and fun run track.

HOSTED Colour Blast Event – We do it all for you! Event set up, pack up and more!

Safe Fundraising with EPIC FUNDRAISING

Colour Blast is excited to partner with EPIC FUNDRAISING to offer schools and clubs a functional and dynamic fundraising platform.

The EPIC FUNDRAISING platform is an automated fundraising tool that is proudly Australian-owned, child-safe, meets cyber safety, security, and privacy benchmarks, and is user-friendly for schools, clubs, parents, members, and students.

Schools and clubs will have easy access to track and oversee their fundraising site, student registrations, donations, incentive prize orders, download reports, and much more!

Fundraisers can easily track their donations, and fundraising milestones and order their incentive prizes via the fundraiser dashboard. Gaining donations is easy! Fundraisers can share their online fundraising links with friends and family and watch the fundraising totals grow!

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