Fun in Fun Run!

A fun day out with Colour Frenzy

Fun & amazing colourful events, with easy clean up!

While this is designed to be a fun day out, and our fun run is designed to make you as colourful as one can be, we don’t want to leave you permanently painted.

The Course!

Fun is the objective of the Colour Blast fun run events! Set to be the most memorable school day for the whole year we bring 5 Colour Stations, lots of smiles, laughter and music.

Teachers can add in fun obstacles to get the children hoping and skipping around the track too!

Memories that last a lifetime!

Hosted by Colour Blast

If your school or club has chosen the hosted event options, Colour Blast will also bring along our much loved foam station!

Foam, bubbles, colour, obstacles and so much more are all included with the hosted events. The Colour Blast crew will be there with lots of games and giveaways too.


It’s been an amazing, fun day out at the Colour Blast fun run.

Don’t forget to order your child’s incentive prize if your school or club has done the fundraising option. They do lots of hard work to raise money for their school and we love seeing their smiles when they receive them!

Lets Get Colourful!